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Excel Basic and Advanced, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Word ,html and how to search for information on the internet

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 PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Word html and


how to search for information on the internet

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Discover an easy to use interactive software training course that will teach you how to discover the true strength of the Microsoft Office.

This user friendly interactive course truly lets you study at your own pace as you cover the functions and tools of the Excel, giving you software training that will develop both your expertise and your confidence. Finally here is a way to become fluent in Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application that is a financial industry standard worldwide.


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SoftwareLearn - Excel Course This 10 chapter Excel tutorial covers the basic software functions as providing instructions about how to work with more advanced tools and techniques featured in the Microsoft Excel. This hands-on interactive training course allows you to progress at your own pace through a step-by-step e-learning program that will truly help you discover professional Excel techniques.

The interactive software training course will give you experience and knowledge for feeding data, creating tables and building graphs as you quickly learn how to work with formulas to produce well designed and professional looking spreadsheets on the Microsoft Office Excel. This course goes over the different aspects of the Excel as it guides users onward through increasingly complex tasks towards building truly professional financial spreadsheets. After this complete course, you will be capable of creating expert spreadsheets and complex presentations with confidence.
SoftwareLearn - Excel Advanced Course This Advanced Microsoft Excel training tutorial will demonstrate the more powerful and professional applications of the EXCEL in order to develop the experience of Microsoft Excel learners even further. The course discusses formulas, functions, LOOKUPS, database calculations, MACRO, and integrating the calendar to create EXCEL spreadsheets that are both professional and highly functional.

With this Advanced EXCEL course, you will find out how to set up various calculations as formulas in order to perform different mathematical tasks, and learn to perform different functions using the function wizard that includes hundreds of ready made functions to choose from

Users will learn how to turn practical examples such as store inventories, grades of students or information from a flower shop into spreadsheets that represent and calculate the different relevant calculations based on the provided data.

SoftwareLearn - PowerPoint Course Finally here is an easy to understand interactive training course that will teach you how to build completely professional presentations with the dynamic PowerPoint, the world's most popular computer presentation program.

This interactive PowerPoint software training course will explain how to create professional computer presentations while providing users with full hands-on instructions for building slide shows, manipulating fonts and clip art, adding objects, effects, hyperlinks, and more.

This easy to follow, hands-on tutorial for PowerPoint will teach users how to create professional, convincing presentations, and take full advantage of an application that is famous for its powerfully persuasive capabilities. After this course, users will be able to operate the functions and the tools of this program with skill and confidence as they make their way to becoming a master of Microsoft PowerPoint.

SoftwareLearn - Outlook Course In this easy-to-follow tutorial you will learn how to fully harness the potential of this powerful application, and discover how to organize the Outlook's email functions as well as taking advantage of the system's potential for synchronizing the calendar, building task lists, and note taking.

This interactive course provides full hands-on instruction for all of the tools and commands available on the Microsoft Outlook. With this simulated step by step tutorial, you will quickly discover some of the great tips and techniques that make the Office Outlook such a popular application.

This software training course provides full interactive simulation for the commands and tools found inside Outlook. Step by step, with this easy to follow course you will quickly discover how to control all of the time-saving features and functions that are available on the Microsoft Outlook with full confidence, skill and professional expertise.

SoftwareLearn - Publisher Course Learn how to master the Publisher, a powerful publishing tool that allows you to effectively and professionally design your own advertisements, business cards, marketing pages, brochures, certificates and lots more. Learn how to take the collection of pre-designed templates that are available in Publisher and customize them completely, adapting them to fit your specific needs.

The completely interactive course will teach you how to you design, personalize, and share a wide range of publications and marketing materials all from one place. This course will guide you through the steps involved in creating and distributing over the internet, through e-mail, and with printed materials so that you can successfully build up your company's brand name, efficiently manage numerous customer lists, and learn how to develop your marketing and advertising campaigns.

This interactive tutorial will demonstrate how to create new projects, offer tips on how to build a successful design strategy, and teach you to master the operation of the design wizard in order to integrate assorted elements from several different categories into various types of advertisements or publications. Apply the techniques from this useful tutorial to finally be able to produce the kinds of professional publications that create the impact that you need.

SoftwareLearn - Word Course This interactive software training course provides full hands-on simulation for every feature in Microsoft Word as users discover how to work with text files, import data, build an index, merge documents and create dynamic and professional Word documents quickly.

This Word training tutorial has a handy interactive interface that directly points towards the appropriate menu commands, providing users the proper instruction necessary to propel them forward through increasingly more difficult tasks. The course gives a complete background into even the most advanced functions and features in the Microsoft Word as it teaches you how to create truly professional word documents. After this full tutorial, you too will have the ability to produce organized and professional text documents with full self-confidence.

Do you need to rewrite your letters or create professional looking docs? This effective course tutorial will teach you how use Word to create, edit and organize your documents as you discover how to feed data, create tables, graphs, and more in Microsoft Word.

SoftwareLearn - Access Course Experience an easy to follow Access course that will teach you how to create and edit fully detailed data reports that can display sorted, filtered, and grouped information as you gain the ability to master the Microsoft Access.

This "hands-on" software training tutorial will provide hands-on experience for the concepts, technical terms, and specialized tools of the Microsoft Access while users discover how to enter information easily and efficiently, quickly locate data, then present and print cross-sections and reports in an intuitive manner.

Have you ever needed to manage an inventory, a store, a business, or a list of students and grades? Access database is a very practical solution for all of these examples, and this hands-on course will show you in step by step examples how to master this powerful application.

+ 2 Bonus Interactive e-Learning Tutorial Training Courses

SoftwareLearn - Excel Advanced Course The Search Engine e-Learning Course Tutorial goes over the search engine basics and guides users through the different types of web terms and advanced searches that will help develop a more complete understanding of the technical side of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

In this simulated tutorial you will learn how to search for information on the internet using advanced search techniques while discovering some helpful tips and secrets towards getting the best search results.

Internet Search is an interactive tutorial covering the technical side of internet searches, teaching users how to make the most of their search engine queries, and providing plenty of useful background information. Everyone can search the internet, but consistently finding what you are looking for is a different story.

SoftwareLearn - Excel Advanced Course Discover the actual technical language of web pages with this informative course that covers the basics behind HTML document structure, tags, attributes, elements and headings.

This training guide explores the different aspects of HTML or Hyper Text Mark-up Language, and explains the proper techniques necessary in order to achieve the best results as well as pointing out common mistakes to avoid.

After seeing the examples for the code given for each explanation, clicking on the Browser View button lets you see the code in action as the specific example is viewed through a new page on your browser. Build and improve your knowledge of HTML and expand your understanding of web technologies as you cover the key features used in coding and follow the list of online examples that are presented with this interactive tutorial.

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SoftwareLearn Courses
SoftwareLearn Courses
SoftwareLearn Courses
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