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In this easy-to-follow Outlook tutorial users will learn how to harness the strength of this powerful application, and discover how to organize the Outlook's email functions as well as taking advantage of the system's potential for synchronizing the calendar, building task lists, note taking and much more.

Outlook Course The interactive training course provides full hands-on instructions as it demonstrates the tools and commands available on the Microsoft Outlook. With this simulated step by step tutorial, you will quickly discover some of the great tips and techniques that make the Office Outlook such a popular application.

Microsoft Outlook is a software-based personal information manager that is included in the popular Microsoft Office Suite. This widely used e-mail application also includes a number of powerful functions that will both save time and allow users a more efficient personal, home, or business information manager.
Outlook Course This software training course provides interactive exercises to explain the commands and tools found in Outlook. Step by step, you will quickly discover how to control the useful features and functions that are available on the Microsoft Outlook with full confidence.

Experience an easy to follow, interactive course that will provide hands-on experience for the concepts, technical terms, and specialized tools of the Microsoft. Step by step, you will quickly discover how to control the numerous features and functions that are available on the Microsoft Outlook with confidence and skill.

Outlook Software Training Course

Chapter 1
1. What is Outlook?
2. Screen Structure
3. The Toolbar
4. The Menu Bar
5. The Inbox
6. The Outbox
7. The Calendar
8. Contacts
9. Tasks
Chapter 2
1. What is E-mail?
2. Receiving Mail
3. Sending Mail
4. Attaching a File to Email
5. Replying to an Email
6. Reply to All
7. Sorting Mai
8. Creating Folders
9. Using Folders
Chapter 3
1. Printing Email
2. Page Settings
3. Email Stationary
4. Email Signatures
5. Deleting Emails
6. Searching E-mails
7. Arranging Toolbars
8. Multiple Email Accounts

Chapter 4
1. Outlook Calendar
2. Calendar Layout
3. Setting Display Style
4. Creating Appointments Using Toolbar
5. Creating Appointments from Calendar
6. Recurring Appointments
7. Inviting Contacts
8. Setting Appointment Reminders

Chapter 5
1. Specific Dates
2. Color-Coding Appointments
3. Deleting an Appointment
4. Printing a Specific Calendar Design

Chapter 6
1. What are Contacts
2. The Contacts Tab
3. Creating a Contact From Toolbar
4. Creating a Contact From Window
5. Entering Contact Information
6. Adding Photos to a Contact Card
7. Choosing a Display
8. Searching for a Contact
9. Deleting a Contact
10. Sorting using the tool bar

Chapter 7

1. What are Tasks?
2. Creating a New Task
3. Task Display Options
4. Recurring Tasks
5. Task Reminders
6. Deleting a Task

Chapter 8

1. What is a Note?
2. Creating a Note from Toolbar
3. Creating a Note
4. Setting Note Color
5. Displaying Notes as Icons
6. Sending Notes to a Contact
7. Deleting a Note

Chapter 9
1. Shortcuts
2. Switching Between Shortcuts
3. Creating a Shortcut
4. Deleting a Shortcut
5. The Journal
6. Creating a Planning Object
7. Arranging Objects
8. Deleting Objects
9. What is the Today Window?
10. Opening the Today Window

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SoftwareLearn Courses
SoftwareLearn Courses
SoftwareLearn Courses
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This tutorial gives a full overview of Microsoft Outlook and its tools and opens doors for new users to be able to begin building software skills immediately. With this software training course you will finally have the opportunity to analyze types of relevant Outlook applications closely, helping you to understand the different kinds of practical possibilities available for everyday use.

This popular course has received an endless supply of positive feedback from users who appreciate the fast download and the easy to follow informative tutorials. The user-friendly features and interface makes this course an excellent way to finally learn about all of the benefits that Access has to offer you.

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